2010-2011 OFFICERS


Officer Position Descriptions

President: Organize General Meetings (contact companies, create each semester's schedule, run Exec Meetings). Plan travel events (Regionals, Nationals, etc). Ensure traditional events occur each year (Celebration of Mines, LTS, SpringFest, WEBELOS, FE BBQ, etc). Forward scholarship & job opportunities to chapter members, attend monthly BSO Meetings, announce other meetings & events (Section meetings), and assist all other officers in their duties and attend most events.

Vice President: Assist all other officers with their duties including the President. Plan the Links to Success networking event in the spring. Run/organize meetings in case of the President’s absence. Attend/help organize most ASCE events.

Treasurer: Keep track of money spending and keep ASCSM & department accounts balanced and up to date. Keep file records of all spending, make deposits, get FPO's for purchases from ASCSM account and do follow up paperwork. Also complete Allocation forms asking ASCSM for funding for next year and follow up presentations if needed.

Secretary: Keeps record of activity/event write-ups, exec meetings, weekly meetings, and other chapter happenings. Compiles all this information and writes the Annual Report for submission to ASCE.

Logistics Officer: Does everything to do with food and drinks for chapter meetings and officer meetings. Also, helps to organize food for FE barbecue and other ASCE campus events. Coordinates with speakers from a company who wish to sponsor the lunch. The logistics officer needs to have the period of 11:00-11:50 free so that they have time to pick up the food and organize before the lunch.

Freshmen/Sophomore Representative: The main role of the freshmen/sophomore representative is keeping track of membership and meeting attendance. You collect membership forms, add members to the roster and email list, and record attendance at our bi-weekly meetings. You are also in charge of any underclassmen correspondence ASCE needs, such as promoting our advising session in basic engineering classes and attempting to raise underclassmen membership.

Webmaster: In charge of all information with respect to the ASCE/AGC mines chapter website. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping schedule, forms, officers, job/internship opportunities and ASCE/AGC events up to date while making sure all relevant pages are displayed properly and in a professional, organized fashion. The webmaster possesses basic to intermediate knowledge of web publishing such as HTML, FTP and Photoshop. Experience with CSS and/or Javascript would be helpful but is not a requirement.